When you hear the sounds of Tukkiman you realize he is an artist who speaks the universal language of music with power and compassion, to unite humanity and fight injustice.

Born and raised in Dakar, Senegal, Tukki’s worldly sound connects people of all cultures and musical tastes, with a musical identity rooted in hip hop, reggae, rock, and African rhythms.

Tukki means “voyage” in Wolof, Senegal’s native language. His life voyage is creating a common bond among all who hear his music and respond to his call for better peace, more love, deeper truth.

“I am Tukkiman,
I have emerged from struggle and pain
and have begun my journey promoting love and peace.
I am a singer, songwriter, and producer from Dakar, Senegal.
My goal is to remind us to be mindful of our inner beauty, our humanity, and to touch your soul.”

In those moments when music meets mission, that is when Tukki shines brightest.