Hello Friends, Family, and my so appreciated fans,

I am Tukkiman

I have emerged from struggle and pain
and have begun my journey promoting love and peace.
I am a singer, songwriter, and producer from Dakar, Senegal.
My goal is to remind us to be mindful of our inner beauty, our humanity, and to touch your soul.


For the last 10 years, I was living in Paris. This past year, I have been blessed to be able to open a studio in Chicago and continue writing, releasing, performing and creating music. I am building my community here as well as overseas;
My name, Tukki, means travel in my native language, Wolof.
I am Tukkiman, the traveling man.

My team and I have started a GoFundMe to support launching my latest projects in the States. I have just finished shooting a short movie/music video in France and am so excited to share it and the message behind it with you. For everyone that donates, we will send an exclusive link to the unreleased short movie/music video we shot (and are raising money to pay for) as a special thank you!

As an Indie artist, I need a publicist, I need to tour, I need merchandising, I need marketing. My team and I have put much time and money into launching me here in the States. We need your help and support. I am asking you to please give what you can, $5, $10, $100, anything you can and please share the campaign with your friends.

What we will do with your donation:
Record new album: Mixing, Mastering
Video & Editing
Publicist: PR & Marketing, Streaming Campaign, YouTube Advertising, Facebook Advertising
Merchandise: Bags, Stickers & Pins, T-Shirts
Tour: Travel, Food, Housing
Website & Artwork

Having your support and belief in me, my music, my projects, means so much to me. It gives me the freedom to create, express myself, build community, and share with you, my friends, my fans, my community, directly without the restraints of a major label.

By supporting the Tukkiman project, we get to share this beautiful voyage together and with the rest of the world.
Welcome to the Voyage. Join the Journey. Let’s Tukki, Let’s Travel.

Thank you all so much for your support.
Peace and Love

#lookatnow #loveisnotacrime

List of gifts for your donations

$5 and up: Private link to new video/movie

$20 and up: Digital album before public release & private/exclusive link to video

$50 and up: Look At Now Art Card, Digital or Signed Tukki CD + all previous perks.

$100 and up: Choice of Look At Now Canvas Bag or T-Shirt, or We Will Survive Canvas Bag or T-Shirt, Guest list for you and a friend & meet and greet + all previous perks

$250 and up: Attend live studio session + all previous perks

$500 and up: House concert + all previous perks

$1000 and up: Senegalese dinner for you and 3 friends with Tukkiman and cooked by him + all previous perks